Release date June 2017 by Burnstown Publishing

July 17, 1917
Two veteran guides are fishing on an Algonquin summer morning when they pull Tom Thomson’s waterlogged corpse from Canoe Lake. Taking him to a remote island, they stand vigil over their friend around the clock. The events of the next twenty-four hours have fuelled the speculation and intrigue surrounding Tom’s life and untimely demise for more than a century.


  • Kevin Callan (a.k.a. The Happy Camper)
    “A great read to pull out of a canoe pack.”
    Kevin Callan (a.k.a. The Happy Camper)
  • Hap Wilson (Temagami Canoe Routes)
    “Art, wilderness and passion are provocative bed partners; Taylor knits the three together beautifully. A paddler’s perspective of Algonquin Park’s enduring mystery.”
    Hap Wilson (Temagami Canoe Routes)
  • Dale Curd Host CBC's Hello / Goodbye
    "A good story has the power to bring people together. To think, discuss and even argue. Tom Thomson is Canada's greatest mystery and in this story Taylor unearths and dissects many intriguing questions about his life and his end. Answers are easy, even lazy but good questions? They can make you lose yourself forever."
    Dale Curd Host CBC's Hello / Goodbye

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