Book Clubs

Questions for Discussion

How did you experience the book? Were you immediately drawn into the story—or did it take a while?
Do you find the characters convincing? Are the motivations of George Rowe, Larry Dixon, Goldwyn Howland and Mark Robinson believable? Are they fully developed as complex human beings? Are their actions justified?
Larry, George and Mark each reflect on Tom’s life in different ways, as a: fisherman, a moody eccentric, a lady’s man, a brother / son, and as a painter. How would you like your friends to remember you? What legacy will you leave?
The characters evolve during the course of the novel as their backstories are revealed and actions unfold. Did your perception or opinion of any of the characters change during the book? Did they remind you of anybody you know?
I have watched snowy nights, gathering storms and the sun rise over Georgian Bay from Tom Thomson’s childhood bedroom window. It would be his first frame around a changing canvas. What was the view from your bedroom window? Did that early perspective influence your life?
Was there a passage that particularly resonated with you?
Tom Thomson (his art and the man) have become Canadian icons. What is it about his paintings and his legend speak to you about the Canadian identity?
You are canoeing with a group of friends on a remote lake. One of them has an accident and dies. What do you do?
George is overcome with regret. He saw signs of severe depression in Tom but did not act. Are there moments in your own life that you regret actions done or not done?
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